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Heike Matthiesen/News en /Women composers classical guitar databases

Women composers classical guitar databases

Women composers classical guitar databases

Data bases women composers for classical guitar:

Women composers who wrote for guitar, “the bible”, chamber music, concerti and solo, all in one list

Solo guitar, with biographical infos

Concertos by women composers

Duo with melody instrument ( flute, violin, oboe)

Duo with cello

Duo with various instruments

Duos with clarinet, viola etc

Duo with piano

Trio with guitar

Quartet with guitar

5 and more instruments with guitar

I am constantly adding info to these lists, feel free to share the lists, to use them for your research… and please send me a quick message if you see any mistakes … or names missing!

And I hope the lists will help you in finding a more diverse repertory, to discover new music. There are so many works not yet recorded.

Most of the living composers have websites, you find info about if the music is published, if not, many times you can purchase the scores directly from them!