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Product Recommendation YLUMI

Product Recommendation YLUMI

When 2 guitarist are coming together – I bet one of the first topics will be about fingernails! For sure, every artists has there own secrets and routine for stable nails. Besides a healthy, balanced nutrition, I like to support my nails with some extra boost, especially during busy travelling trips.

I’ve always been a fan of naturopathy, in particular TCM. When coming across the food supplements by YLUMI, I was super excited to try them out, they promised a vital combination of TCM herbal, ayurveda with vitamins and plant extract. The products worked out incredibly well for me so that I even agreed on a corporation with them!


You can now purchase with my Code HEIKEXYLUMI 15% to get 15% off! Besides nail products, even skincare, hair and metabolism products are included.
Visit the website for more info:


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