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Heike Matthiesen/News en /Mission Impossible: My career story

Mission Impossible: My career story

Mission Impossible: My career story

I had my first guitar lesson with 18, one year later I started to study in Frankfurt. My first professional jobs started 2 years later in the opera house Frankfurt, playing all kind of plucked instruments in many operas (Don Pasquale, Barbiere di Sevilla, Don Giovanni, Mahagonny, The Nose, Oberon, Falstaff etc). So I I played hundreds of evenings for 1500 people with first class conductors and singers before…. I started with chamber music! Playing with flute, violin, oboe, singers, trio with viola and flute, string quartet, cembalo etc.

Then I made my artist diploma with never ever having played a full recital. Then I started to go to competitions. Never won, but learned a lot and met great guitar people.

1996 I replaced Pepe Romero in a Los Romeros concert (I call this my diploma with him I could not get officially)

In 1997 I recorded my first CD – yes, and I finally played my first full evening solo recital!!!!! So this year now it is 15 years that I am a soloist ..

1998 I played my last competition

This video must be from that year, my first time playing live on TV, no cuts, just one try.

And everything sounded like it would be impossible to turn into a full artist- but the magic thought was: Why not????

I “wasted” time with working at the singing classes, learning acting, languages, dancing- today I know and I love stage, it turned now into a quite special “package” that I did so many things beside practising..