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crowdfunding guitar divas

crowdfunding guitar divas

My new CD ‘Guitar Divas’ will be released 5.5.2023!

Virtuosic, sunny and joyful music by women composers of the 19th century: Emilia Giuliani, Catharina Josepha Pratten, Maria Dolores de Goni and Anne Emmerich, many pieces are world premier recordings.

Since this is my first album with the reknown classical label ARS Produktion I want to do everything right: Nowadays you need to do many additional things to make a new release visible, PR, photos, video etc, I have to invest! You can support me with all this now, especially because my health is still limited….

But good news: The cancer is still there but under control. I play better than ever, I have permission from my doctors to travel, to drive (and to dance!), only far distances journeys will have to wait.

So please support my Divas to find their path all around the world to bring some sparkling joy and sunshine!

Click here to visit my Startnext crowdfunding page!

Photo: Kaupo Kikkas

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