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Best of Classical Guitar Playlist

Best of Classical Guitar Playlist

The greatest pieces of all times for classical guitar – all collected in my Spotify playlists!

Spotify Playlist

Candle Light Dinner

Contemporary classical guitar music for maximum relaxation –  best to enjoy with a fine glass of wine!

Music of Latin America

Hop on a wild journey through Latin America: masterpieces by Barrios, Villa-Lobos, Piazolla and Montero will get the audience in the right mood! 😉

Spanish Music

The perfect vibe for a chilly summer night: Encounters with Albeniz, Granados, Rodrigo and many more – get ready to dive into the latin lounge!

Masterpieces of the 20th century

Fantastic little gems by the Britten, Henze, Maw and Takemitsu.

Tremolo Mania

For the real ones: a giant collection featuring pieces with tremolo soli!

Spotify Playlist

Winner Showpieces!

Upcoming competitions? Be inspired by this repertoire of winning candidates I got to experience as a jury member!