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Heike Matthiesen/Guitar Divas

Guitar Divas


1. Prelude No.1
2. Variazioni su Non più mesta di Rossini op.5
3. Six variations pour la guitar seule
4. Carneval de Venise
5. Rambling thoughts
6. Queen Mab
7. Puck - Matthiesen, Heike
8. Dance of the witches (Fantasia Grotesque)
9. 5th Divertimento (Variations on a theme by Mozart)
10. Serenade
11. Spanish Dance
12. Moorish Dance
13. La Jota Aragonese
14. Carnival of Venice
15. L'Adieu

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About Album

Between child prodigy and wife: for her ARS PRODUKTION recording, guitarist Heike Matthiesen has selected a programme of virtuoso guitar works by four  little-known female composers of a generation, each with very different lives. What all the pieces have in common is their exuberant temperament and their appealing lightness.

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Artist: Heike Matthiesen
Label: ARS Produktion
Release Date: 05-05-2023
Genre: Classical Guitar
People: Heike Matthiesen

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