More and more wonderful composers write for...and I always loved to commission pieces!
So I would like to share with you what has been written for me or what has been dedicated to me:
Pere Pou Llompart: Maqam (2003)
Onofrio Palumbo: Una stella in tramonto
Roland Dyens: Venezuelettre (1999) Spotify
Burkard Wolters: Dshamilja op.25 (Edition Bruckner, 2001) Youtube
Victor Kozlov: The white queen (2009) Video
Johannes Söllner: Arion
Janko Raseta: Scurry JR on Soundcloud
Maria Linnemann: Two elegiac pieces (2015) Spotify Spotify
Maria Linnemann: Adio mi amor (2015) Spotify
Sebastian Pecznik: A Berliner Tango Story (2016) Video
Nejc Kuhar: Adios Roland (2017) Video
Kacha Metrevili: Lullaby (2017) Video
Tina Ternes: 5 Stücke für Gitarre (2017)
Per-Olov Kindgren: In the wake of dawn (2017) Video
Mikael Mannberg, Largo (2018)
Annette Kruisbrink, Zilia (2018)
Kimberly Osberg, Peaceful and full of hope ( from "Commissions from Quarantine") ( 2020) Youtube
Sarah Evans, Whispers (2020)
Valerie Hartzell, 3 Nordic Sketches ( 2019-2020)
Lilith Guegamian, Dans le souffle du temps (2021) Youtube
Bettina Weber, Kleine Suite (20219 
Noelia Escalzo, Guitarrera (2021)
Nadia Gerber, Traverse (2021)
Tania Rubio, Aus der Asche (2021)