Guitar Ladies

My new CD is there!!
A very special project, only compositions by female composers and I chose beautiful lyrical music – so besides discovering a new repertory outside mainstream this CD is relaxing, chilling…. pure beauty in music!

My new CD is there!
My new CD is there!

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Akustik Gitarre 1/2017

Wonderful review for my CD in the Akustik Gitarre 1/17 by Harald Wittig.
Wonderful review for my CD in the Akustik Gitarre 1/17 by Harald Wittig.

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1) Sidney Pratten Eventide
2) Sidney Pratten Forgotten (Watch on Youtube )
3) Sidney Pratten Sehnsucht
4) Sidney Pratten Weary
5) Sidney Pratten Sadness
6) Sidney Pratten A Lament
7) Sidney Pratten A lost love
8) Maria Luisa Anido Barcarole
9) Ida Presti Segovia
10) Sofia Gubaidulina Serenade
11) Sylvie Bodorova Elegie ( watch on Youtube)
12) Sylvie Bodorova Plegaria
13) Annette Kruisbrink Tendresse
14) Annette Kruisbrink Sad Song
15) Tatiana Stachak Walc w kafejce
16) Carmen Guzman Tango para Billy
17) Carmen Guzman Vals No.7
18) Carmen Guzman Dedicatoria (Tango)
19) Carmen Guzamn Vals No.4
20) Carmen Guzman Cae la tarde
21) Carmen Guzman Vals No.5
22) Carmen Guzman Vals No.6
23) Maria Linnemann Two elegiac pieces : Elegia (gewidmet Heike Matthiesen)
24) Maria Linnemann Two elegiac pieces: Sospiro (gewidmet Heike Matthiesen)
25) Maria Linnemann Soledad Youtube
26) Maria Linnemann Adio mi amor (gewidmet Heike Matthiesen)