New Single: Adelita by Francisco Tarrega

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Francisco Tarrega is the "Franz Liszt of the guitar", all guitarists are proud who have studied with a pupil of pupil of pupil of Tarrega ( Like me! Forth generation!). His original pieces and transciptions are milestones of the classical guitar repertory, including masterpieces like Recuerdos de la Alhambra and Capricho Arabe. Every aspiring guitarist is dreaming of playing these pieces... And the first step to Tarrega are always his smaller pieces like this legendary miniature.
Adelita is dedicated to an illegitime daughter of King Alfons XII., Adela Aimerich: A small beautiful Mazurka, which is often played by all masters of the guitar as encore, melancholic and full of passion, mixing Spain with the influence of Frederic Chopin.
Release date: 26.3.2021
ISRC: DEZC62174810
Digital distribution: Recordjet
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