Periscope for musicians

The latest hype right now: Periscope!
But how to use it as musician?
You broadcast directly, no way to edit it. And without hacks not possible to be downloaded- screenshots possible. So it means this is a perfect tool for everything that should be shared directly and live ( did you see how much Periscope is already used for breaking news?):
1. Viewing concert and opera from backstage ( I saw opera from la Scala)
2. Masterclasses ( Verbier broadcasted them)
3. Lectures ( for example I saw some history speeches of the Alhambra)
4. Playing at home ( John Mayer, Al di Meola and many more)
5. Showing technique, tips and tricks of your instrument
6. Announcing recent events
7. All kind of messages to your fans
8. Question and answer sessions with your fans ( Gohar!)
9. Let them share a little bit of your life ( had breakfast with blogger Sasha Pallenberg in Taipeh)

First steps:
Make sure your Periscope account is connected to your Twitter, update your Twitter bio, because this will be your bio on Periscope. Make sure you mention there your “key words” like “Classical guitar” etc. You will be found via them in Periscope search, plus name search of course.
Like in every other nonmutual network: Follow a lot of people! You will get insides how they use Periscope and they will see that you are there, check their followinglists also to find interesting people and collegues.
I follow now around 500 people, most of them connected with classical music.So Periscope turns into a really specialised live TV 🙂

Practical advices:
When you click on the little broadcast in the right down corner you will see this ( of course in your language..)
FIRST create a senseful title – if you want to keep your broadcasts connected to your profession- otherwise you risk to attract people who just want to flirt etc…..
Then click on the little Twitter icon so your broadcast will be announced there, it will enlarge your audience immensely
Then check if you want to broadcast publically or not- then go for it and click on “start”.
Attention: There is not yet a possibility to start directly with your front camera, you switch directly after starting with doubletapping on the screen, but your first picture will be the thumbnail so make sure that it is a senseful view when you start!
Have fun now!
You can read the comments of your live audience ( same you can comment when you watch somebody live), all other live viewers will see the comments too, you will see who is online, the way to show appreciation is sending hearts. It will feel weird at first to communicate like this, but sooner or later it is really like talking!
You finish with swiping down the screen- and then you have the possibility to decide wether erase it or to leave it for the public for the next 24 hours, I would recommend this for all kind of professional stuff – thinking of time zones around the world.

I am right now “playing” with it, trying to figure out which possibilities are interesting for us professional musicians, so this are just my first experiences after some weeks.
Do you have some more ideas how to use it?

Author: Heike Matthiesen

classical guitarist

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