Recording my new CD

A little diary, I just came home from studio:
December 2015: Decided to go to studio in April 2015.
That is soooo far away, completely relaxed trying new pieces for the CD, changing the order of the program, practising all the stuff for my normal “work”.
January 2015
This recording I want to do something better than the last time: Having booklet etc ready when I go to studio.
Still not knowing which pieces exactly to record, but April still is sooooo far away.
But starting to do test recordings at home and to play the program for the musician whom I trust completely ( Thanks, Inge!).
Lots of sports.
February 2015
okay, March I will have many concerts, so really starting to focus on the CD. Social Media starting to disappear from my everyday life, starting to tell friends if we could talk or meet after the recording.
Deciding what to record plus the order. More test recordings, less conversations with the real world.
Lots of sports.
March 2015
The plan was besides tough concert schedule to play once a day a runthrough. Forget it! The old professional rule: “The next work is the most important!”
Starting to turn into a helicoptermum for my hands.
Last minute gigs including Flamenco arriving ( brushing up my rasgueado-OMG, the nails!).
Less sports, more chocolate.
Two weeks before going to studio
Oh, I completely forgot the booklet…
Panic for my fingers, starting to wear gloves, my home turning more and more into chaos, almost impossible for outside world to talk to me on the phone.
No more sports, just a little stretching after work, lots of chocolate
One week before the recording
Just can’t wait anymore to finish the CD!!!!!!!!
Home in messie status, brain cool and focussed- and nails and hands still perfect.
Missing my daily sports – and no more desire to eat chocolate.
Day 1: recording as many pieces as possible
Day 2: recording tough pieces
Day 3: recording the beasts, those pieces where you have to cross your own limits.

Returning home, unloading the luggage, breaking my thumbnail.

Recording session
Recording session


Author: Heike Matthiesen

classical guitarist

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