Facebook is getting more and more a difficult place for musicians. We once believed that giving our content and our data was enough paying, but Facebook pages which many of us use as second ( or first) homepage are less and less visible without paying more and more money…
We have seen Myspace disappearing and with it all the energy we had put there to share our music, so it is really time to rethink our socialmedia strategies.
I see just one solution:
Having a wellkept homepage, building a good newsletter- and everything you share in the net should appear in different places too!
I personally love to use Twitter and especially google+ ( Hey, you are in the social media of THE search engine), but I see there many abandoned zombie profiles of fellow musicians.
If you are used to the mutual system of Facebook it is in the beginning quite a change to go to a non-mutual place and it is not enough to create a profil and believe that people will find you…
In a nonmutual you have to do the next step and that is searching what you want to read:
Twitter is my culture newspaper, I am following all the culture news I can find, musicians and some nonsense to have fun. ( Calling it “my playground”)
Google+ is a place to be professionell ( Hey, you are in the social… etc), fill out the profile as precise as possible and connect your youtube channel with the profile there! ( Calling it “business fair”)
In nonmutual networks I see the crucial number of 500, if you are following minimum 500 pages/profiles, you start to discover what those networks can offer.

So I am giving you some starter kits:

Classical guitar 1
Classical guitar 2
classical music
And spend half an hour to search for your newspapers, local news…

Google+ :
classical guitar
classical guitar community
and search for what you love to read! ( Hey, you are in …) about music, news or your local stuff!

I do not use automatic postings, but you can tell FB to post to Twitter, or with for example IFTTT create system of autoposting. I prefer to copy and paste the basic info, shorten it for Twitter, use the layout possibilities of google+ .. and to tag all the people in each network that are mentioned in my postings!
And I comment a lot and I love to give stars, plusses and likes to show that I read and appreciated posts of yours!!
I hope this was helpful, we all give a lot of energy for our music and classical music and we have limited time…

P.S: Facebook I call “The bar around the corner”, where you meet your friends!

Author: Heike Matthiesen

classical guitarist

One thought on “Facebook”

  1. Hello Heike,
    allow me some comments on your post (I didn’t know that you had a blog 😉
    I am not on Facebook: Reasons:
    Facebook earns money by selling your address and contents to other companies.
    Google uses your address and contents to sell advertising places to companies, but do not give them your real data.

    I made my blog to the center of information. When I write a post I will “advertise” them in my Google+ groups + Public + interested groups. For me that kind of works and I keep control of the content and comments and have a way through statistics, to see which posts are of interest.

    When I scroll through my music circle I must confess that in the last year it went from interesting to nearly boring. I can and will not listen to every youtube video, interpreting the same thing a thousand times. I rarely find new pieces, theoretical stuff, … it is not even hidden. I think it has gone to other places groups. Once upon a time there were some really good discussions on a guitar forum. I still get some interesting stuff in a email discussion group. Perhaps you can open parallel to your blog a forum, where you can “privately” comment and explain. For a lot of people that kind of helps.

    I know this will not help you in detail, but …
    I will follow this blog in future and wish a you a nice rest of the weekend.



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