The typical day of a concert- or “Why do I do this???”

There is something like a hidden routine, so now I will describe a normal concert day with no far travelling:

9.30 alarm, put that early because I want to practise!

9.31 alarm moved to 10.30, practising is overrated, I need sleep

10.30 oh my god, do I really have to get up? Why do I do this? I don’t remember a single note.. I will just fulfill today’s contract and look then for substitutes for all other contracts for the future and do something sensefull with my life..

11.00 finally leaving bed, still not remembering a single note of the program

11.30 after shower etc breakfast with tea and internet- and panic in my head “Why do I do this???”

12.00 one run through the program, slowly, loud, with no musical expression, oh, my fingers know it!!!

14.00 pasta – or something similar with no knife needed

14.30 sleep- or trying to sleep

16.00 getting up, make-up, trying to choose a nice dress in which I can breath, driving, still not remembering a single note

18.00 checking the light, drinking coffee, eating apples, talking nonstop .. always with the question in my head “Why do I this??”

19.00 audience arriving, so going backstage, tuning the guitar 10 000 times

19.15 playing some scales etc, doing dancing exercises- and still not remembering a single note

19.29 OMG, now it is time, new emotion : I want to go on that stage and play!

19.30 greeting the people, still not remembering a single note – except the first chord!!!

19.31 playing that first chord… oh, my finger know how to continue- and now I am just listening to the music and time stops

after the concert: WHEN CAN I GO ON STAGE THE NEXT TIME???? I want it, I have the greatest profession in the world, I love it, life is wonderful- and this is why I do it!

Author: Heike Matthiesen

classical guitarist

3 thoughts on “The typical day of a concert- or “Why do I do this???””

      1. Well, I usually get excited days before a recital. So I get even less sleep 🙂 Certainly, I have those days that I dont have the mood for practicing. Those days, I listen to the recordings of different genres of music. I really appreciate their skills and interpretations. I think to myself I should be working as hard as they do. Then, I call myself lazy 😀 so then I have to prove myself Im not! 😀 So it inspires me to work harder! The recital day, I try to get there around an hour before the audience come to warm up and get used to the place and the “soul of the place” especially if its in a country I’ve never been before. After the recital, I usually think of my performance and say to myself “I had to play that phrase or note that way…”.
        But you are right about the after feeling. Thats the best feeling! 🙂
        I think your day is more interesting than mine! 🙂


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