Charismatic stage presence, effortless virtuosity and intelligent programs- Heike Matthiesen is a unique performer who bewitches her audiences all around the world. That is what the papers say about me… and I am happy to say ‘welcome’ here to you meeting me and my music!



Live online concert from last week with “Guitar Ladies” for the Weisenheim Guitar Festival…. and introducing my new guitar “Frieda” by rising superstar luthier, 24 year old Steven den Toom!


New videos on my Youtube channel!


After many months of serious illness I played today my first live concert, for a small audience and direct livestream. On the program: Guitar Ladies including world premiers of works by Noelia Escalzo, Nadia Gerber, Lilith Guegamian, all commissioned with a scholarship of the Land Hessen, and yes, more pieces will come, not all have arrived yet. Here is the Youtubelink to the concert from today, enjoy . GUITAR LADIES – HEIKE MATTHIESEN – LIVE


New Single on Spotify and all other Streaming services ( Deezer, Apple music, Amazon music ): Adelita by Francisco Tarrega  –” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>Spotify


Since a couple of weeks I am streaming some of my practising sessions live on Twitch, many times my daily “Aranjuez gym”, but also every saturday a sightreading session with beautiful easy music, you are very welcome to listen!


New video for the open space of the Kulturfonds RheinMain: Adelita by Francisco Tarrega

New single on Spotify:
Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega
Please listen, leave a heart and save it to your playlists! Thank you so much!

New homevideo: Lagrimas de Buenos Aires by Claudia Montero

New homevideo: Carnaval de Venise by Madame Sidney Pratten:

Due to the closing of the CDbaby shop for download etc. I had to move my CDs to Bandcamp. You find my music now HERE in my new store!

With deep regrets I have to inform you that I will need a longer health break, I have to go through a lot of treatments so I might not appear on stages until the end of it, planned now my first concerts for October 2020.
Wish me luck and light a candle for me!

Großes Interview mit mir im Van-Magazin zur Situation von Komponistinnen und meinem ehrenamtlichen Engagement für das Archiv Frau und Musik Interview

Women composers for solo guitar database:
Since I am working for the Archiv Frau und Musik as board member I started to collect information about especially classical guitar, now I turned it into a database with pieces, websites, playlists etc. Have a look at the list


Beautiful review of my Guitar Ladies on the amazing Blog “KlassiskCD” by Norvegian composer Trond Erikson:
Read here!


The first three volumes of my new series at Edition Margaux got published!!!
I am so happy and proud! Since many years I ask minimum once a year a composer to write a piece for me, three of them are here now printed:
Edition Margaux

My music got added to many playlists on Spotify!
My artist profile: Heike Matthiesen
Need to know: Women of classical
Need to know: Guitar heroes
Classical campfire
Quintessential guitar
Peaceful guitar
Reading instrumentals
Classical guitar for study and sleep
Instrumental acoustic guitar
So please discover Spotify!!

The third Weimar-Video is now online: Playing the haunting “Georgian Lullaby” by Kacha Metreveli, beautiful piece dedicated to me

And here my next video from the video session with Jakob Schmidt in Weimar. Victor Kozlov wrote “The white queen” for me after we met in St.Petersburg in 2009!

Three weeks ago I recorded some videos with wonderful talented video maker ( and guitarist!!) Jakob Schmidt in Weimar. Here is the first, playing “Es geht eine dunkle Wolk’ ” by Annette Degenhardt

New interview with me in German about my late start and many insights in my life on Zebrabutter

Since I am crazy busy with preparing all chamber music concerts for summer, I just decided it is the right time to start a new website to publish a lot of the research I did for my Guitar Ladies. So it is work in progress but already yet worth checking out:
Women of the classical guitar, a website about women composers, luthiers, research etc.

Fuoco from my Tristemusette, album completely dedicated to the work of Roland Dyens.

You can support me now via Patreon, a new discreet way to help your favourite artists for their next projects

A live performance of the legendary Spanish romance, concert from last November in Frankfurt
I loooove to play this piece as an encore..

Long profound review in italian on the dotguitar classical guitar online magazine!.
Please read here

Beautiful review on the blog of Bradford Werner “This is classical guitar” about my Guitar Ladies
Please read it here

Wonderful review about my new CD “Guitar Ladies in the Akustik Gitarre 1/17 by Harald Wittig. So happy about it…and yes, it is a myth, that musicians don’t read reviews!!

Wonderful review for my CD in the Akustik Gitarre 1/17 by Harald Wittig.
Wonderful review for my CD in the Akustik Gitarre 1/17 by Harald Wittig.

Finally my new CD is there, so happy about this very special project, only women composer and loooots of beautiful music!
Available through:
CDbaby , iTunes , Amazon
Also on Spotify and many other streaming sites

My new CD is there!
My new CD is there!

So proud to finally share my secret with you, yes, I am composing …. here is one of my most recent pieces: Spiralen …more pieces to be recorded soon!

Just recorded two more home videos with beautiful romantic music, the kind of music I love to play just for myself… Hope you like it too!
Ulrik Neumann’s Love Waltz
Kol Dodi

Andrea Aguzzi: Chatting with guitarist
Chatting with guitarists by Andrea Aguzzi


New book by Andrea Aguzzi: Chatting with guitarists including a big interview with me!

Two new audio-videos from my concert tour to Brussels this April:

New Video from the Musikmesse, this time an interview with some excerpts from my second concert there


Hopf Gitarre
Heike Matthiesen playing Hopf at the Musikmesse 2016

(Photo Franz-Michael Deimling)

Beautiful interview for classical music blogger Frances Wilson aka “Crosseyed pianist”
Read here!

Neues Interview mit mir in der Mittelpunkt-Zeitung:
“Die Tatort-Twitterin” an der klassischen Gitarre”

12.2.2016 Great reviews for my concert at the Büdesheimer Schlosskonzerte:
“Heike Matthiesen gehört zur Elite der deutschen Gitarristen” (Hanauer Anzeiger)
Hanauer Anzeiger

New video together with Laura Zarina, Duo Luminoso playing a historical duo version of Paganini’s famous Caprice No.24

New video together with Laura Zarina , Duo Luminoso playing Cantabile by Niccolo Paganini

“Alhambra in Berkach”, schöne Kritik über mein Konzert in Groß-Gerau im Echo-Online

Schöne Kritik über mein Konzert in Linsengericht im Gelnhäuser Tageblatt:
“Saitenweise “Seelenmusik” “

Interview with me in Daily Trust Nigeria!

Beautiful video from my day at Siccas picking up my new guitar by Roy Fankhänel:

New video of mine, again recorded in the studios of Siccas playing Arroyos de la Alhambra on a beautiful Roy Fankhänel, sister of my new guitar in sound but not completely the same construction

“Atemberaubend virtuose Technik”
Phantastische Kritik für mein Konzert bei den Seligenstädter Klosterkonzerten in der Offenbach Post:
“Heike Matthiesen darf getrost als Virtuosin ihres Faches bezeichnet werden. Mit Emotion und Charisma begeisterte sie ihr Publikum.
Angenehm überrascht waren die Besucher, die für die nun folgenden Solostücke für Gitarre einen gedämpften Eindruck erwartet hatten. Ein fast orchestraler Klang wechselte mit gefühlvollen Pianostellen, begleitet von virtuoser, atemberaubender Technik.”
Ganze Kritik hier

Playing the slow movement of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Pathetique, live in concert at the Kreuzer in Essen from last october

beautiful review about my concert last week in Bad Zwesten.
Please read here

New video of mine: Soledad by Maria Linnemann recorded on a Michael Batell at Siccas Guitar

New video of mine: Mozart KV 330 second movement in the transcription of Miguel Llobet played on a Friederich from 1972 at Siccas Guitars

Interview with me on the Hellostage-blog! Great questions with some crazy answers….
Read it here!

New video of mine: Habanera by Georges Bizet on a Altamira N500, recorded at Siccas Guitars

New videos made at Siccas Guitars, playing Sylvie Bodorova’s Elegy on a beautiful guitar by Roy Fankhänel

New chamber music video with Lydia Maria Bader from our concert at the chamber music festival Kühlungsborn 2104:

Cover CD Scan 100dpi

Großer Dank an die NMZ für die Empfehlung als Weihnachtsgeschenk!!! Meine CD ist bei CDbaby und Amazon erhältlich, außerdem bei beiden natürlich auch als Download!

Video from my concert in Essen last month, playing Sor op.9

My new promo-video just got published!
Thanks to Galaxy Stars Productions for the wonderful work!

New videos on my youtube channel:

Playing at the Salzburger Festspiele

Photo: Salzburger Festspiele, Wild und Team
Photo: Salzburger Festspiele, Wild und Team

New tracks on my soundcloud with soprano Caroline Jahns
Die Zeit by Carl Maria von Weber
Frühlingsglaube by Louis Spohr

Der Konzertsalon ist eröffnet!
Mit meiner Duopartnerin Lydia Maria Bader haben wir unsere Kammermusikbesetzungen speziell für Hauskonzerte zusammengestellt. Ab jetzt über die diese neue Seite zu finden: Konzertsalon


Neues Interview mit mir auf der Seite des Musikhauses Kirstein, viele offene und ausführliche Antworten von mir, es war ein echtes Vergnügen!

I will be the next days at the Musikmesse , looking forward to meet you there!!!

Schöne Kritik im Schwarzwälder Boten über mein Konzert bei den Meisterkonzerten Altenstieg.


Heike Matthiesen (c) Johann Dirschl
Heike Matthiesen (c) Johann Dirschl

First part of an interview with me for the classical guitar blog of Andrea Aguzzi

Gitarre Aktuell über meine CD Serenade im September 2013:
….Denn was sich in diesen 57:10minütigen Darbietungen mitunter an geballter Virtuosität offenbart wäre nicht der einzige Grund, diesen Tonträger zu mögen.
Bezirzt wird der Hörer auf sehr intensive Art mit lustvollen Melodien, mit Opernarien oder Liedern der “großen Musik”, die nun auf einem Instrument wiedergegeben werden, das ( noch immer) als das “Orchester im Kleinen “gilt. Interessant ist dabei zu beobachten, dass die Gitarre bei einer perfekten Interpretation , so wie sie Heike Matthiesen vorführt, sich gewaltig in Szene setzt und den Hörer für sich gewinnt. Eine Zauberin?
….Heike Matthiesen legt mit ihrer CD ein sowohl gitarrentypisches wie auch hörerfreundliches Programm vor, das den Schritt wagt, sich neben Werke der klassischen Instrumente bzw. Besetzungen zu stellen. Ohne Einschränkung kann man attestieren, daß ihre Gitarre(ninterpretation) diesem nicht gerade geringen Anspruch gerecht wird.
( Peter Maier, Gitarre Aktuell, September 2013)

Schöne Kritik im Frankfurter Stadtkurier:
“..Virtuos , leidenschaftlich, ohne gekünstelt zu wirken, melancholisch, romantisch und manchmal auch zu Tränen rührend”
Frankfurter Stadtkurier 3
Ochestrasfan announcing my concert in Frankfurt for next sunday, it is always a special pleasure to play in my hometown

Review of my CD Serenade in the Blog Chitarra e Dintorni:

“Sembra quasi incredibile parlarne oggi come oggi, ma provate a pensare a un mondo dove non esiste musica registrata, non solo niente i-Pod o mp3 o Spootify, ma neanche niente dischi, niente di analogico, neanche un 33 giri. L’unico modo per poter ascoltare la musica è trovare qualcuno che la suoni .. andare ai concerti. Oppure mettersi a suonare. Siamo tra la fine del settecento e l’ottocento, periodo d’oro della musica romantica e dello sviluppo dell’opera. E molti compositori .. diciamo che colgono la palla al balzo, cercando di unire il suono dolce della chitarra classica con le migliori melodie dell’opera, trascrivendo e adattandole per la la sei corde.
E non solo musiche operistiche ma anche altro repertorio per altri strumenti. Jaques Attali scrive nel suo “Noise” che proprio in questo periodo, guarda caso nasce l’editoria musicale e si impone la necessità di una regolazione del copyright per proteggere i diritti d’autore.
Ma perché ne parliamo? Perché questo cd intitolato “Serenade” e suonato magistralmente dalla brava chitarrista Heike Matthiesen sembra proprio cogliere e afferrare quel particolare periodo musicale.
Le musiche suonate sono tutte trascrizione operistiche ad opera di Johan Kaspar Mertz, Francisco Tarrega, Anton Diabelli, Joseph Kreutzer, Simon Molitor, Jan Nepomucem de Brobrowics e Jose Ferrer. Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven gli autori originali più trascritti e il Don Juan l’opera più trascritta.
Davvero una bella registrazione, il repertorio è piacevole e “risuona” nelle orecchie di un italiano con le sue melodie a cui viene spontaneo collegare le arie operistiche, Heike Matthiesen riesce a infondere la giusta vena romantica e intimistica senza cadere nelle trappole di un facile manierismo. Da assaporare con calma. “

Photosession with Johann Dirschl
Heike Matthiesen, classical guitar
Heike Matthiesen, classical guitar

New video from the Blackout Concert in Bad Nauheim

My new CD is now available on CDbaby for download and as physical CD on Amazaon
Cover CD Scan 100dpi

Download on CDbaby
Buy CD on Amazon

Workshop in october at the Akkorde-Festival:
Register here
It will be a weekend workshop plus concert at Tiengen castle, 4th october

In the spotlight:

Interview with me in the classical guitar blog by Bradford Werner
Read it here

New playlist on youtube with easier videos, 3 compositions by Maria Linnemann


Great interview on the orchestrasfan-blog by Ulrike Schmid

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